Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stuff that I came across recently:

God is waiting for you to despair- "Lord, I cannot love and I give up trying, but I count on thy perfect love. I cannot forgive, but I trust thee to forgive instead of me, and to do so henceforth in me."

When God's will isn't clear- "..conformity to the world or to Jesus is most clearly seen in the pattern of decisions we make over time."

The macho messiah- "Want to see what real masculinity looks like? Look to Christ. Real men pray. Real men weep. Real men love. Real men are bold, but real men are also broken."

Preaching Jesus from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job- "I don’t think the wisdom literature is necessarily more difficult to interpret and preach than, say, 2 Samuel or 2 Peter; it is simply a less familiar genre.

The preeminence of Jesus is for everyday dawned on me that in the middle of such a mess is where I really live, and that Jesus wants it that way. This is where most everyone lives, and if the supremacy of Jesus doesn’t land on us here, in the mess of the everyday, then we’ll spend our days oblivious to its wonder.


And here's something fun to watch.

But we don't actually need loudspeakers to say something nice.


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  1. Thanks for the link - really enjoying your blog too.

    Emma S(moonlighting under her husband's account)

  2. Hi Emma, what a pleasant surprise! Thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

    I discovered Glen’s blog a while ago after a friend recommended it to me, and subsequently discovered yours too. I’ve been following both of em’ ever since. =) Insightful writing; keep it up!