Sunday, 5 August 2012

In Christ

In Christ- made more sense today.

It's akin to the hope I had when Chong Wei made it to the finals, won the first set and was ahead of Lin Dan for part of the third set- he would've been our (Malaysia's) best chance at bagging a gold at the Olympics. And so, I completely cast my hopes on this man to deliver for me; every point he scored or conceded mattered to me. The subsequent loss mattered to me. 

But Christ is victorious. And this is how I ought to see myself in relation to God- to be found in Christ. To identify with every thing that Christ has done; death, ressurection, glorification. The bible means a whole lot more (to me) when read this way. Especially these bits: 

  • I have been crucified with Christ
  • Being made alive with Christ
  • Being made children of God,  in Christ Jesus
  • Having freedom in Christ
  • All the promises of God are yes in Christ
Not the best analogy, but helpful. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July randoms

Sometime last year, I blogged rather glibly: "I want to be dancing when I’m wrinkled and grey. First things first- I’ve got to learn to dance now." Of course, there wasn't any intention to actually go for dance lessons; I had been (to my shame) cheap with words. And who would've thought that I'd be seeing my careless blog through? But life has its way of handing you opportunities without even trying; one day a friend invited me to join him for free swing dance lessons (courtesy of LindyKL), and so I did.

The experience was thrilling to say the least. And over the course of two weeks, I've learnt alot, of, resilience to shame- and apart from that, in general, learning a lot.

I'll have to say, swing isn't an elegant dance. Graceful, but not elegant. And that too in a different way. There is so much interaction between the dancers- dance routines aren't planned, but are done impromptu based on body language. There are different roles in the dance; leaders must lead and followers must follow. It takes so much understanding and cooperation for the dance to work. But when it does, Voila. It really is a sight to behold.

I'm a slow learner, but I'm really enjoying it. And at the moment, only one desire that’s left in me, want the whole damn world to dance with me.


Big bad wolf booksale is back! And this time, it's back in time for Christmas! ;) Gather your sons and daughters everyone. It's time for war!


Sorry for such a disjointed post. But here's something to add to it (so much win!).

 Alright then, stay safe and don't do drugs (unless you're really ill and must absolutely have it).