Tuesday, 20 September 2011

On Fellowship

Fellowship with em' family is so refreshing- spent the weekend with bros and sis' up in the mountains and it was bare mystical. Not in the zen mystics kinda way, but in the apostolic church kinda way. I thank God for ordaining that his body be encouraged through fellowship with other believers.

My faith, it seems to be a rather personal thing- not something that I share openly with others, even family. It's a pity that although I meet em' churchies every weekend I spend so little time dwelling on the things that mean quite a great deal to me. Uncle Langsir suggests that I be more intentional in having conversations about Christ. And who knows, others too might be just a tad shy. And you too, talk to me about Christ 'coz it takes two to tango.



Just been released and has been doing rounds in facebook- my favorite homeboys Decimal. They'll be opening for Jayesslee when they head up to Malaysia in October. Sure hope they'll make it big someday.

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