Saturday, 3 December 2011

Had the kids over for barbeque and sleepover. Been a great year with em' and looking forward to another year. Amazing kids, each of them. Sure hope they'll grow up 'right' and that they'll find their path on the strait and narrow. On my part, I'm slowing seeing and understanding the importance of pastoral care- never been good at it, but I'm slowly learning. Been very blessed to have people around me who are such givers and it makes me wonder how and why such depth of love? 


Anyone up for carolling? Will be doing rounds at em' churchie's homes next weekend with the youth- a good warm up if you're not quite into the Christmas spirit yet. We'll be doing choral speaking this year so it'll be tons of fun. 


Managed to catch the Halfway Kings last weekend at their '2-year celebration of mutual tolerance' (which is a rather amusing way to say anniversary). They were recently appointed as Converse Ambassadors- which (I feel)  is exactly what they need for their publicity because in all honesty, I think they're pretty good. 

Here's a scooby snack for the ears:

Traveling Lines by Halfway Kings

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