Saturday, 24 December 2011


Random question: if you could choose anything as your Christmas present, what would you choose?

Then, compare your choice with the accomplished fact that God came to save the world through Christ. Now sit and watch how your regard for the sufficiency of Christ increase all the more. Great Christmas mind gymnastics eh? 


(Extremely) last minute invitation for SSGC's Christmas Celebration to all! Event details can be found here. If by some miracle you read this before tomorrow and happen to be free, do come! We'd be pleased to have you. =) 


Since Christmas is a time of giving, here's a little Christmas treat for all of you! It's the piece we did for carolling. Merry Christmas everyone! =)

It's the time of year again, the time of celebration!
A time for Christmas trees, a time for turkeys, and presents! 
With Santa Claus, and his trusty reindeer, 
And chestnuts roasting on an open fire, 
Christmas trees! And mistletoeeee (ewwww..) 
And mommy's special Christmas stew, 
Christmas is a time filled with so much fun, 
But let's not forget how it first begun.

I'm sure you've heard of the Christmas story,
The story of baby Jesus, and the virgin Mary,
Jesus- He was born on a Christmas night,
In the little town of Bethlehem, with no one in sight,
No trumpets, no fireworks, no lavish celebration,
No nothing- it was a seemingly normal occasion,
They spent the night in the stable of a stranger,
As little baby Jesus lay sleeping in a manger,
But he was a king alright!
The King! of the kingdom of light! 
But while royal babies enter the world with a BANG!
Our Lord Jesus entered the world with nothing in his hand. 
Instead, he was greeted by three wise men from the east,
But they were two years late at the very least,
For the past months, a special star lit up the night sky, 
It was the star of David, it shone from way up high,
The wise men followed the star wherever it went,
They followed it like a shadow, they would not relent,
Up and down and round and round, 
Over hills, valleys and rocky ground,
When the star went left (to the left, to the left),
When the star went right (to the right, to the right),
Through sun and rain and snow and hail,
They followed the star till they prevailed. 
"But tell me dear sirs, why are you following the star? 
Isn't it such a trouble to travel so far?"
My dear child, what a silly question, 
To meet the king of course, that's the reason,
We've been waiting so long for the star to appear,
But now all is made right, our King is here! 
And mind you, He is no ordinary King,
As a matter of fact, He's the King of Kings!
All hail King Jesus! 
He's going to save us!
He'll make right everything that is amiss,
He'll change hate to love, and war to peace,
He'll turn everyone to everyone's neighbour,
Misery and suffering will be forgotten forever,
Our tears- He'll replace them with laughter,
He alone is our happy every after. 

So folks, that's how Christmas really begun,
You see, Christmas isn't just about having fun,
Well, it's fun of course, but it's a whole lot more,
It's a story of how God saves a world rotten to it's core,
Jesus, He came with only one plea,
To gain pardon for you, and for me,
Emmanuel, He was God with us,
God come to men; God come to us.
Wonderful counsellor! 
The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, 
The Prince of Peace! 

The hope of the world upon the shoulders of a child, 
Because of that there's so much reason to smile,
Jesus- He's the reason for the season,
And that is why Christmas is a time for celebration.


And this is how Christmas should sound like. =)

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