Monday, 18 July 2011

On BERSIH pt 2

The whole BERSIH thing is beginning to settle down, as with the emotions that go with it. For some at least. I’ve been trying hard to analyze how the BERSIH rally would’ve rated on God’s righteous scale. Personally, it appears to me as one of those things that could tip either way. I’m sure God isn’t that fickle tho.

Well, what is done is done; there’s no changing the fact that rally happened. But I seem to derive a certain pleasure from going through the technicalities of such events. Typical engineer. So, I sent out a short survey to a group of em’ churchies- only two short yes/no questions:

1. Was the rally the right thing to do?
2. Is it important to have a stand on BERSIH?

It’s annoying because like all surveys, they don’t give a conclusive answer. It was a useful exercise to stimulate discussion but it seems to create more questions than provide answers. Questions like: Is God exalted and glorified in the mass gathering of people in the streets against the orders of the governing authorities? Is championing human rights merely a smokescreen for a deeper idolism of searching for a King apart from God? How is the Christian call to go the extra mile played out in situations like this? Are we to turn the other cheek when one slaps us on the other side?

Tough questions and here’s the outcome of the short survey:

A number of them said yes- it was the right thing to do. And for the second question- no, having a stand on BERSIH isn’t as important as having a stand on what is right and what is wrong.

A minority felt that taking to the streets was wrong because Christians are called to imitate the humility of Christ- to rather be wronged, love our enemies and turn the other cheek if anyone slaps us.

The majority by far, refrained from commenting, possibly due to the lack of time and/or lack of interest. If the survey were a fair representation of what the Christians in Malaysia think about BERSIH, then voila! There you have it- the passionate, the critical and the silent majority.

But in the midst of the yes’s and no’s I’m sure there’s some answers that can be found. For example, what is my stand on BERSIH? I’ll be honest and say that I would’ve been there supporting the cause given the chance. But the answer to some questions are more tricky: Is it right? I’m not sure. I think it’s a fairly grey area (and I’m sure people might disagree with me)- It really depends how you answer the all the other questions. And depending on your answers to the other questions, you'll be hailed a hero of the nation, or branded a rebel with a cause. (the latter sounds waay cooler tho)


It’s sad because the great battle plays out only in the head and over coffee tables but leaves the world as it is. And it’s sad because I’m actually quite happy to leave it that way. So, enough with all the commentating already! What are we going to do? What am I going to do? And you, what are you going to do?

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