Monday, 16 May 2011

Musical chairs..

A song played in the throne room,
A sweet melody beyond compare.
It set our feet a dancin’
All of us without a care.

We sat to form a circle,
What an exciting and thrilling affair.
We were playing musical chairs in the throne room,
Yes, we were playing musical chairs.

One by one they were eliminated,
All were left but two.
The King, He stood before me,
Yet, I hadn’t the slightest clue.

The rule was simple and easy,
The game was its own prize.
The first to sit on the glorious throne,
Will own the throne for life.

The final round played out quickly,
We rushed toward the throne,
He was much too quick for me,
My chance at glory blown.

I looked up after my dismal attempt,
I recognized the King immediately.
It’s no wonder He won the final round,
In fact, He won it way too easily.

He’s a better ruler than I can ever be,
I shall never be in want.
I’m happy to take the second place,
As long as my King is number one.
He must be number one.
He is my number one.
My King- my number one!


Inspired by I am Second. Do watch the short clip below! =) If you like it, there's many more at I am Second.


  1. WOW! She's so mature for her age...
    Really am inspired on how she commits her acting career and how she carries herself..
    Thank you Peter for sharing.. =)

  2. chieh: me and my double chin thank you!

    wenmin: welcome.. =) check out the others! some of them are quite inspiring too!

  3. nice! Hope she stays humble as she grows up.