Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Was browsing through some old photos and thought I'd post them up. I kinda miss the UK, but I miss it's people even more. Good old days indeed!

Spent many hours along the Thames..
Housemates in year 2 and 3
FGT young adults.. which I had more pictures, I really do.. =(
OCFers at snowdonia

Re-read what I wrote previously. I'm sure I wasn't wrong- God has been good then, and He will continue to be just as good.


  1. Helo! looks like u've got the right (God is good all the time) lenses on again ;) way to go! And aww i is not in the YA picture! And there aren't any boys in it either :P Heehee.

  2. though the world doesn't change, it sure looks like a better place with those lenses on =)

    =| i'll post up one of you on fb or sth haha. heh, just realised that there weren't any guys in the pic. hope the guy:girl ratio is improving! =D