Sunday, 31 December 2017

Year 2017

Not a single post in 2017. Well, not till now. Thought I'd sneak in a quick post before the new year to keep this blog fresh. 


It's weird that work is (and I suspect, also for the large majority of young adults) the major deciding factor for what happens in their life, in a year. Not that work is a bad thing, in fact, it is a very good thing. I will quickly admit however, that as a young un' (not too long ago), I always thought that work wouldn't feature as much as it does in how life plays out. Again, nothing wrong with this, but it sure makes a boring highlight reel for one's new year reminiscing. 

I had to tidy up my CV some weeks ago (again, work related) and couldn't help thinking that some of these things I've got listed down is pretty impressive. Boring, but impressive. Couldn't help thinking that I'm a very blessed person to have had such a wonderful and enjoyable working experience. Not many people enjoy their work as much as I do. So I guess where I'm going with this is that I'm thankful this year end. 

Some recent Christmas thoughts: 
  • Christ came to us, but his own did not receive him. 
  • This is not by his own doing, but by design.
  • Humans however, are not absolved from wrong doing because we rejected Christ.
  • He wasn't a Christ that they wanted in the past, and neither is he a Christ that is wanted now
I know this because, I can very easily tell that my sinful self doesn't want this Christ. I suspect this wasn't very different in the past: he came neither with the pomp of a savior nor the splendor of a king; nothing worth a second look. And today, I can understand that people don't deem Him worth a second look either- He's really not the type of Savior they're looking for. Yet He is. 


Happy new year everyone! (a disjointed post, but I guess not writing in a year does that to you)

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