Friday, 25 May 2012


Three weeks. Clean and fair elections and convictions with roots that sprung overnight? Perhaps. But don’t let time play you out. There’s much to believe in, much to hope for. And as with many things, bearing fruit takes time. Don’t give up just yet because God is good and He is in control.


It’s also been a little more than three weeks since Labor Day and I’ve been thinking about work and rest and it seems that work is good and rest is good but too much of either can be bad. But holiness and righteousness and faith on the other hand, can only come from a place of rest in God. He bids all who are heavy laden to come to him, for his yoke is easy and his burden is light. And we must strive with reckless abandon to enter that rest.


Emma has been writing tons on great stuff and let me share a little with everyone because I benefit so much from her writing. Here’s an excerpt on a piece which I think depicts sanctification really well:

God is not Paul Daniels.  And getting better is not magic – ‘shazzam! All fixed.    When things break, my instinct is to chuck ‘em out and get a better model.  But people aren’t vacuum cleaners.  And God works with what’s already there.  I’d like a shiny new airbrushed Emma.  But instead, he’s redeeming the limping, snot-nosed girl I’ve always been. He’s taking the bits I hate about myself and making them into something he can use. Something I can’t keep despising – even though that’s the easy option.

So.  Recovery –  process And event.  But the power behind both is not mine.  It’s His.  And that’s what makes it all worthwhile.


And here’s a century old shoutout to all super moms from spurgeon:

The devil never reckons a man to be lost so long as he has a good mother alive. O woman, great is thy power!

Happy belated mother’s day to all moms! =)


You don’t know it, but I do. And it’s a secret I’m willing to share: Butterflies giggle jazz riffs. Take me at my word and your ears are in for a treat =)

If you haven’t yet heard of the weekend projects, here’s a brilliant short they did. Well done Diaz, Fei and VeeVian. Absolutely brilliant!

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