Saturday, 10 March 2012

On language

Had a sudden realization that there's a certain richness in Bahasa Melayu that I overlook. Certain words seem to capture meaning in a way other languages won't. 

Meskipun badai silih berganti,
Pakailah sesuai dengan rencanaMu.

I'm sure the same goes for other languages; certain expressions will never be adequately expressed in English.  Leaves one in anticipation for the day when knees take a bow and the tongues confess- what a glorious day! I wanna learn all the languages in the world.


Here's to learning new languages, though I should really start with something Chinese-ey. 


  1. lek luu, sap kok luu must be up there somewhere as well, no? ;)

  2. haha.. as with the other stuff melayus say: