Saturday, 28 January 2012

threescore and ten

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. 

Potentially misleading, but it helped me see stewardship in a whole different light. 

It’s almost disconcerting that the second-half of my third decade is upon me. The term ‘late twenties’ has always been reserved for others, and never for myself. Alas, the once distant future is now fast approaching and there’s no escaping the label for the next few years. But never mind the labels, it matters very little what people call me. 

More importantly, the next few years will perhaps be the most strategic of the (hopefully) many years to come- not having all the restrictions of youth and neither the restrictions of old age. I’d be a fool not to recognize how precious these years are. There’s so much potential for fruitfulness and productivity which has to be harnessed for the right purposes. 

Time to give up the good for the better. May my best years be His.

Oh Lord, don’t let the days pass me by when greater things are to be done in this city!


  1. Being in my late 20s really reminded me of how short our time is on this side of eternity.
    2 Cor 1:5 never rang truer than now. Oh wells, as the saying goes, "the problem with time is that it eventually runs out" :)