Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I don't get it Lord. I really don't get how You work.


Went to the field right after work (where my I dropped my keys last night). I thought that I might stand a better chance finding it during the day but I didn't find it. I went home, but just before dinner my dad asked me to go look for it one last time. It was starting to get dark so we got into the car with our torch light(s) and head to the field. It was the third time returning to the scene of crime so I wasn't expecting much anymore, plus it's only keys and it was getting dark. There were some people finishing up their game of football. They must've saw our torchlights and realized we were searching for something and they holler to us: Looking for keys ahh? If you're wondering what gold sounds like, that was it.  

I don't understand. God seems to like to wait till all hope is lost to answer prayers. And how does this experience relate to everything else in life? 

Thy hand unloved its pleasure must restrain,
Nor spoil both gift and child by lavishing too soon. 

–George Macdonald

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  1. thanks for sharing.. always good to read *you* :) have a meaningful hiatus..