Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Food tastes twice as good when you're fasting, so does music. Obviously not an intentional music fast, but I haven't been doing anything extra-musical recently apart from the worship sessions at (a brethren) church. I guess that's why the music sounded so good at IBA unplugged. It's so refreshing to see people enjoying their music and even more when the music is directed to God.

Ah, it's so entertaining to watch people who got their groove on; it really shows. And I envy them coz I rarely ever reach the stage where I'm totally into the music- I'm a little too rigid and a little too self conscious. Shame, coz people tend to play their best music when they're totally into it.

Here's the defending champs undecided with a cover of 'My Jesus, I love Thee' and an original 'Our King is here':


And here's a youtube video which appeared on my fb newsfeed- two saxophonists who totally got it going. Too awesome.

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