Monday, 17 January 2011

Hallelujah! all I have is Christ..


  1. Hello! your blog's alive once more! Haha ;) so tempted to start one too hmmm.

    This song gives good perspective, keep at it :)

  2. heh, what's with the wink? =D

    in my opinion, this song has one of the most inspiring refrains.. really like it =)


    there's nothing wrong in starting a blog.. =D it can be healthy at times..

  3. Heheh!!! Cos it seemeth as though thou art inspired to write :P Okay, cos i need some outlet to express, but im shy at the same time heh

  4. hahaaa.. everyone needs a lil' inspiration to get going sometimes.. =)

    you = shy ?
    well, the engineer says that the equation does not add up.. hahaha