Sunday, 22 August 2010

Travel log- Norway

Norway was awesome! But I'm getting a little confused with the whole traveling idea. It's so easy to fall in believing that traveling is a journey of self discovery- planning your trip, hitting the road, meeting strangers who then become your friends, living out of a ruck sack, sleeping anywhere that'll take you, abandoning your plans and going to anywhere and everywhere you want to. Such a compelling idea no? Kinda similar to the Age of Aquarius and the hippie movement.

Very romantic, but it also reeks of self-sufficiency I'd say. In all honesty, I'm a sucker for these sort of things. Which makes it extra dangerous for me in my travels (and I say this in a very honest way). Please pray for me as I travel that I won't make my travels about discovering myself, but instead discovering God- to see the wonders of his creation, to see the creativity of the maker of heaven and earth and to praise and seek Him that made all these things.


Meanwhile, here are some pictures of Norway that testifies of His glory!

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament
sheweth his handywork- Ps 19:1


  1. hahaha i have a good friend and brotha from Colorado and he's just a free-spirited believer (I call him a hippie but i don't think he likes that)!! He lives day to day, not having anything "in plans" but just trusting the Lord to provide.

    I like it that you're doing this! God is glorious!!!

  2. oh and i felt that God's putting in my heart that His presence is going before you everywhere you go! You may not have planned where you're going.. but He is and He's planning it for a wonderful purpose!