Thursday, 24 June 2010

the beginning of the end..

These are interesting times- the beginning of the end has just started for me. My four years of formal education here in the United Kingdom is finally over. So many good memories- the fellowship with other believers in OCF as well as in church, the many friends that I’ve made over the years, the many adventures that I’ve shared with my peers. Indeed too many to write down. At the same time, there had been a fair share of painful memories too- Markus’ sudden departure, the frustrations of my final year project, the weariness of service and more recently, the uncertainty of future. Yet through all these, the fact remains- God is very very good and his mercies are new every morning. My stay here in London certainly has been so very enriching.

Spring has come and gone and summer I suspect summer will pass by just as quickly. One by one, friends depart for home. The initial euphoria of finishing formal education is beginning to wear off and reality strikes- A full 4 months remain before I head back to Malaysia for good. Now what remain are me and God and time. It’s so easy to fall into wishful thinking, where the good times would be perpetual. No frills- sponsorship money, spiritual support and so many friends to rely on. I’m glad my summer plans didn’t work out. It’s a reality check. Student life has been so comfortable. In fact, just a little too comfortable that I have become very picky and fussy; both spiritually and physically. It reminds me of the words sung by bobby giles: comfort sings a siren tune. How true.

I’m not really sure where the Lord is leading me nor am I sure what he’s doing/will be doing in my life. But I surely can feel the change. More and more, I feel this burning desire to bring glory to His name in every action, word, thought and deed. Even as summer comes and goes, it is my prayer that God will continue to work on me and shape me and mold me so that with each passing day I grow more and more into the likeness of Christ.


  1. hahaha i happen to be stalking you, and i like what you just shared! bro, i really feel like meeting up with you. i have some stuff that i feel like the Lord's leading me to do in Malaysia, but i just don't know where or what or how to do it yet. but let's keep in touch.

  2. hey bengsoon!! =)stalking eh? my pleasure.. haha..

    just sent you a fb msg!